Australian Wildlife Safari Tour Company For Your Holiday

Finding the best Australian wildlife safari tour company for your holiday

Given the large number of tour companies, based in Australia and abroad, finding one that meets your expectations can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time safari-goer. However, selecting the best wildlife safari company can be a straightforward process, if you do a bit of legwork. All you need to do is, take the time to research and compare options, and follow this guide to make an informed, affordable and safe choice.


Ensure that the safari operator you pick delivers the highest quality. In your quest for a safari company, it’s crucial to see what previous travellers are saying in their reviews. Visit reliable travel forums and review platforms like TripAdvisor to check up on the operator’s track record. If they have bad reviews or are not mentioned on any travel forums, proceed with caution.


Look into the quality and types of activities offered on the safari to distinguish the good from the bad tour companies. Most tours offer basic game drives, while some include activities like game walks and night game drives. Finding a firm that offers fresh and exciting activities is a deal-breaker. If you’re an enthusiastic traveller, you can opt for specialist safaris for Australian wildlife photography, animal tracking and bird watching or adrenaline-inducing activities like water rafting, close animal encounters, micro-light flights and bungy jumping.

Travel style

Find the style of travel that suits you and your budget. Basic starting points include locating a wildlife tour that offers the kind of accommodation you prefer. Ask the company for images, detailed information and price packages of the accommodation. Another way to find a good wildlife tour company is to see what modes of transport they use on safaris. Do they have light aircrafts, massive trucks or small land cruisers? Similarly, be sure to check what types of vehicles are used for game drives, long-distance travel and transfers.


The longer the tour operator has been in business the more experienced they are. Established companies have the benefit of accumulated insights and lessons gained in the wild. They also know how to travel to different destinations successfully. However, the newer tour companies, working with veteran staff or run by experienced safari guides, sometimes have the advantage of being enthusiastic, energetic and innovative.


Most tour companies offer epic safaris ranging from 3 days to 3 weeks, visiting one destination or a few top-travel highlights. If you’re planning a longer trip to several countries, a firm that embarks on expeditions spanning a month or more is best for you. To get the most out of your travel, use a safari company with inside knowledge of your desired destination; especially travel infrastructure and transport conditions.


Safari providers commonly specialise in tours within specific wildlife areas, regions and countries. When looking for a wildlife tour company, consider a company that focuses on safaris in the entire destination rather than a few parks. And when comparing wildlife tour operations, be sure to choose an operator that offers a combination of destinations. Lastly, pick the right destination! This way, you’ll get the safari experience and adventure of your dreams.